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Welcome To “About You”

About You is wellness consulting and coaching company that enables people to live their lives with greater freedom, purpose and connection. We consult in the wellness field along with facilitating both individual and group coaching with a core focus on wellbeing.

“ Be who you are. You’re whole life changes when you realise you’re enough” 

Meet Our Principal – Dale Cosgrave

I’m passionate about empowering people to live their lives with greater freedom, well being and connection.

For over 20 years, I have been privileged to work and interact with countless amounts of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds across the globe. The stunning realisation from my interactions with these people, regardless of their perceived differences (gender, culture, religion, language etc), is that they all crave to be understood, connected and belong.

My life’s work is to connect people to this realisation and to help build the bridges to make this happen.

My business “About You” is a wellness consulting firm. The consulting, mentoring and coaching we provide has a core focus on wellbeing and inclusion.

Utilising mindfulness techniques, our coaching and mentoring enables our clients to self navigate their lives more effectively as they embody an evolving sense of purpose and connection.

We’re also available for speaking opportunities.

My Specialities : Communication, Mentoring, Wellbeing, Coaching, Mindset, Learning, Leadership, Addiction

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